Prep School

What is a Prep School?

A prep school can help future college athletes to prepare both academically and athletically so they are ready for the next level.

Prep schools in America are primarily designed to prepare students for higher education. We understand that the reason for choosing a prep school is going to vary per student and by working with many across America, we are able to help a wide variety of student-athletes of different ages, across different sports.

Sporting Solutions can help guide you with a prep school if you are looking to:

Complete Your High School Education In America

Every year thousands of high school athletes are recruited to attend U.S. universities to further their sporting career alongside their undergraduate education. If you are certain that you wish to play college sport in America, one way to improve the chances of being recruited is to attend high school in America.

Whilst in the States you will be able to work towards your U.S. high school diploma and complete the required entrance exams whilst playing your preferred sport. Performing well in your sport at the high school level will improve your chances of earning a scholarship to progress to the college level.

Study A Postgraduate Year After High School

A postgraduate year is a year beyond high school graduation, spent at a prep school. The decision to pursue a postgraduate year at a prep school could be due to academic or sporting reasons. During a postgraduate year, a student will take all of the required entrance exams for college as well as playing a full season of their sport.

Some students may have not passed certain high school classes, or felt they underachieved in their college entrance exams (SAT/ACT). Whilst from a sporting point of view, some athletes may have felt that they did not get the athletic scholarship that they deserved or perhaps started the college recruitment process to late. In any of these cases, a postgraduate year at a prep school will allow students to ensure they are ready to study and compete in college the following year.

Improve Your Level Of English

Moving to a new country can be a very daunting prospect, especially if you have to learn a new language. If English is not your first language, you will have to pass an English language exam (TOEFL or IELTS) to attend university in America. By spending a year immersed in American culture and practising your English on a daily basis, you will feel well prepared to make the most of your college experience in America.

Benefits of attending a Prep School

Grow as an athlete

After a year playing your sport, you will have a better idea of who you are as an athlete and as a person.

More exposure to colleges

An additional year will not only benefit you as an athlete, you will have more choices and options due to the exposure to U.S. coaches for an entire season.

Living away from home

You will be prepared to live away from home and in turn better equipped for life as a student-athlete.

Take your exams

You will work towards all of the qualifications needed for college admission.

Select your Sport

We work with a variety of prep schools that will help the students to reach their full potential. Click on your preferred sport above to find out how a prep year could benefit your college recruitment.