The Experience Of A Life-Time. A Fraction Of The Cost.

With a degree in America taking four years to complete, tuition costs that vary between universities and a wide range of scholarships available, we know there is a lot to consider.

Our goal is to secure the best possible scholarship for each student that we work with. Understanding that many families make their college decision based on finances, we want to ensure that all of our applicants are well educated on the potential costs and how the scholarship process works.

Over the last year we successfully helped students from over 20 different countries in securing scholarship offers from U.S. universities. The scholarship offers that our students achieved ranged from 50% all the way up to 100%, though it is important to note that full scholarships are extremely rare.

What is a Scholarship?

A scholarship is an award that universities can make to talented students to help reduce the cost of their education.

The overall cost of higher education in America can vary greatly, with full fees ranging anywhere from $20,000 to $60,000 per year, depending on the institution. Whilst these costs may seem considerable, very few students go on to pay the full fees. U.S. universities have a wide range of scholarships that help to lower the cost into a more affordable range. Students can be awarded scholarships based on both academics and sporting abilities.

College coaches have their own scholarship budgets available to recruit players each year. They have to spread this budget across their whole team and as a result, full scholarships are very rare.

When a coach is interested in recruiting a player, they will likely make an offer to cover a percentage of the student’s fees, informing them of the value which they are covering and the amount that is then left for the student and their family to pay.

If a student accepts a scholarship, they will sign a scholarship contract which commitments them to that financial award for the upcoming academic year. The scholarships are renewed annually based on good behaviour, academic standing and sporting performance. If a student performs well in these areas, it is also possible for their award to be increased the following year should their coach wish to reward them for their efforts.

Working to save you money

We do not want students or parents to start into this process with any false expectations of U.S. college costs or values of scholarships. We will work with you to ensure that we keep your annual tuition fees within a budget that you feel comfortable with.

Having guided students from over 20 different countries throughout the U.S. scholarship process, we are confident that we can help you to identify the best possible scholarships to make this process more affordable.

Our wide range of connections across America and money saving suggestions with trusted travel and insurance partners, will help to save you money beyond your scholarship.

Other costs to consider

Aside from the annual tuition which may be left after a scholarship and living costs, there are some other costs to consider relating to studying in America. Some of these costs will be one of costs, paid at the start of the process whilst others may be occur throughout your career in the Sates. The additional costs to consider include:

» Flights

Normally two return flights per year. Sporting Solutions students have access to discount flights via our travel partner, click here to find out more.

» Student Visa

One time payment ahead of first semester in the U.S. This fee is broken down into two parts: SEVIS Fee ($200) and Visa Application ($160).

» Registration to Play College Sport

NCAA or NAIA: $135 (One time fee ahead of first season)

» Health Insurance

Some colleges will offer students their own health insurance policy, whereas others will allow students to choose their own plan. This fee can range vary between colleges ($500 – $1000). If students are free to choose their own plan, we will recommend them to some suitable options.

» Travel Insurance

For U.K. based students who are able to recommend the best price long stay travel insurance company in the U.K. to ensure that you are fully protected throughout your time in the U.S. both on and off campus. For your personalised quote, please see: USA Travel Abroad Travel Insurance.

We hope the above information has given you a better insight into the financial side of university in America and the scholarship process.

If you have any questions relating to scholarships in America or would like to speak to us regarding your individual circumstances to find out what level scholarship you could potentially achieve, we are happy to assist. Head over to the contact page and submit any questions you have or request us a phone call to go into more detail.