Prep School Golf

Complete Your High School Education In America

By spending a year to live independently ahead of entering college and working on your game, you will help to enhance the options that are available to you at the college level.

Golf scholarships to university in America are highly competitive and it is unfortunately the case that many graduating seniors are not ready either academically, physically or mentally in order to fully make the most of competing at the college level.

Participate in daily team practices, strength and conditioning, as well as competing against U.S. teams, helping to prove their ability in the American game.

Train Daily and Play a Full Season

Enhance your game by playing a full season in America, training daily with your School as well as working on any potential academic issues inside the classroom.

We work with prep schools that offer intense year round golf training, sports psychology and strength and conditioning, as well as giving our golfers the opportunity to work on any academic issues (GPA, SAT/ACT, level of English) that need addressing before moving to play at the college level.

With weather playing such a crucial part in the amount of time you spend on the course, we have located some fantastic prep schools in both America and in Spain that will give you the chance to take your golf to the next level.

If you feel that you have what it takes to play prep school golf in America, please submit your information via our online application form today.