Rugby Scholarship

Rugby Scholarship in the U.S.

Over recent years, more and more college rugby programs are moving from club sides to funded varsity programmes, with scholarship money available to recruit prospective players.

With the recent launch of Major League Rugby, a new professional tier in America, is also expected to accelerate the growth at the college level over the coming years. Rugby scholarships vary per school, offering reductions in tuition, grants or free waivers, to in-state tuition rates for international students.

Rugby scholarships are available for both male and female players.

Sporting Solutions has successfully helped male and female players from all over the world in securing sports scholarships to America. If you want to pursue your rugby ambitions alongside your education in America, we are on hand to make this a reality!

Whether you have aspirations of becoming a full-time professional beyond graduation or simply want the opportunity to play the sport you love whilst working towards your degree, with our experience we will work with you to identify the best possible opportunities to meet your academic credentials, sporting ability and future ambitions.

What are we looking for?

We are looking for ambitious players who are motivated to further both their education and sporting career in the States.

In order to evaluate future student-athletes, we ask each student to submit the following:

Academic History

  • All qualifications achieved to date
  • Details of any course currently being studied and date of completion

Sporting History

  • Overview of playing career to date and history of teams played for
  • Any personal/team sporting achievements

Video Footage

  • Video footage is really important for us to both evaluate your ability and for prospective U.S. coaches to see how you could fit into their team.

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If you feel that you have what it takes to play college rugby in America, please submit your information via our online application form today.

Within days of joining the Sporting Solutions placement program, Harry had me in contact with various coaches in America in which were all friendly coaches and represented very credible universities. Harry was a huge support in the process…

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