College Golf in England

Attend one of the most successful international golf colleges

Whether you’re looking for a golfing gap year or formal qualifications, our courses will set you on the path to a successful career in the golfing world.

This programme is designed to allow student to pursue a British university degree, whilst also pursuing their golfing ambitions. Students have a structured schedule planning each day of their week. Students will work on their physical condition, their mental game and spend time on the course. Each session will be carefully planned around an academic timetable, ensuring that students can take their golf career to the next level whilst earning a university qualification.

Education Options:

You can continue your formal education alongside your golf tuition, with options to study:

– BTEC National Diploma in Sport Level 3 (Performance & Excellence) the equivalent to 2 or 3 A Levels – ideal if you plan to continue your education in to University.

– A-Level courses that have been specifically adapted to fit into our 23-week year in the UK, and our 9-week trip abroad.

– Formal English language studies leading to IELTS examinations (ideal for US scholarship applicants)

– English (EFL) and, if you wish, your own mother tongue to A level

Each term is structured around a rotation of coaching, education, game development, gym, practice and competitions. This unique structure allows students to participate in each activity every day, allowing constant monitoring of their education and golf performance.

Warm Weather Training

Uniquely, to escape the European winter we take our students abroad for warm weather training:

Autumn and Summer terms: You will be at The Golf College, Lindfield Golf Club, England.

Winter term: You will go abroad, continuing your education, playing tournament golf and working on your game to get ready for the golf season in Europe.

Pathway into U.S. College Sport

Many students use The Golf College as the foundation route to US Collegiate Golf. Our staff know whats it takes to become a college golfer in America and if you feel that this is a pathway that you want to explore, we are happy to assist. Start your degree in England, graduate in America!


Our fees are similar to typical UK boarding school and summer school fees. Please ask us to quote for your chosen course. Typically the fees will include:

– BTEC and IELTS examination fees
– 9 weeks winter term abroad (travel, accommodation, meals, excursions)
– Memberships to the golf clubs we use and all tournament fees
– Social events arranged by us (usually 2 per term).

Extras include travel to England, college kit, other studies, host-family accommodation and the Summer Florida Showcase for US Scholarships.

Visit our open days throughout the year!

We run our popular Golf College Open Days throughout the year, and we are now recruiting for our September 2019 intake. Open day starts at 10:00hrs and finishes approx. 14:00hrs. To book your place, please fill out the form below.


If you would like to apply for a place on our U.K. college golf programme, secure a place on an upcoming open day or have any questions, we invite you to enter your details below and a member of our team will come back to you with some more information.

Within days of joining the Sporting Solutions placement program, Harry had me in contact with various coaches in America in which were all friendly coaches and represented very credible universities. Harry was a huge support in the process…

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