2017 Florida Showcase

Travel. Compete. Experience life in the U.S.

The showcase focuses on four different sports: soccer, golf, tennis and basketball. Our showcase event gives student’s a taste of what their life could be like as a college athlete in America.

About the showcase: Student’s will spend 8 days living in the university accommodation, eating at the cafeteria and competing on the same facilities used by Embry-Riddle students use throughout the college season. Perhaps most importantly, the students have the chance to play in front of U.S. college coaches.

With fantastic soccer pitches (both grass and artificial), an 1,800 capacity basketball arena, pristine tennis courts and close proximity to some of Florida’s finest golf courses it is the perfect location for our athletes to experience life as a college athlete and showcase their talent live to U.S. college coaches.

Dates: The 2017 showcase event will take place between the 14th - 22nd of July.

Secure your place today: Registration for our 2017 summer showcase is now open! Due to the success of our last event which saw over 100 athletes from over 20 different nations leave with options to return to play college sport in America, we anticipate the 2017 event will fill fast. Athletes are encouraged to apply one year in advance of preferred U.S. university entry. The 2017 Showcase event is for those students looking for options in the Fall of 2018.

Cost: The fee for the Sports Showcase is £2500.

This fee is inclusive of the initial administration where your academic records are evaluated for suitability.

The fees also include your place at the annual Florida Showcase, including:

  • University campus accommodation (shared room) for the duration of the event
  • Meals throughout the showcase
  • On-site medical staff
  • Airport transfers to and from Orlando International Airport
  • Use of sports facilities for your selected sport (such as soccer stadium, basketball arena, golf course fees etc)
  • Information seminars relating to U.S. college life

Securing offers: As well as having a good experience at the showcase, we hope that the students are also successful in securing offers from U.S. universities, giving the option to return to the States should they wish.

There is no obligation to accept any offer secured at the showcase, though the event that a student does wish to enrol at a U.S. institution, the fee included will also include the administrative assistance during this process. International Sporting Solutions will work to assist the student to assist with the admissions process at their selected college, helping them work towards a student visa.

All options that are received are valid up until one year after their showcase event. Once a student has secured their visa to their selected college or one year has passed since their showcase event, the service is complete.

Physical Constraint: In case you suffer a physical problem prior to the trip, you can select one of the following options:

Participate in the next edition of the Programme, given credit for all amounts already paid.

Obtain a refund:
If problem occurs before June 18th, 80% refund of the programme fee.
If problem occurs after June 18th, 50% refund of the programme fee.

Within days of joining the Sporting Solutions placement program, Harry had me in contact with various coaches in America in which were all friendly coaches and represented very credible universities. Harry was a huge support in the process…

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